When you have pennies in the bank and a passion for coffee, you build a specialty roasting company, right?

Well, that’s exactly what Methodical Coffee did in 2015, and since then, they haven’t looked back. However, they’re certainly looking forward, as they continue to evolve as a coffee company and brand.

Most importantly, they remain committed to their community, so that they can support those who make it all possible. By serving people well, offering the highest quality coffee, they provide a sustainable living to those in the coffee industry — and that is quite admirable.

Their Doors Opened, and Methodical Coffee Was Officially Born

Greenville, South Carolina is an artistic community that has always been a laid-back city. Although the overall vibe is cool, calm, and collected, the region is serious about one thing — it’s homegrown food scene. As the local restaurant scene began to evolve, a door opened for craft coffee.

This is when a team of friends stepped in, taking advantage of this opportunity. With so much room to grow and collaborate, it was a no-brainer for David Baker, Will Shurtz, and Marco Suarez. Shurtz had always been drawn to the coffee industry, nurturing his passion straight out of high school. He is the company’s roaster and coffee leader, while Baker runs operations and Marco spearheads all aspects of branding and experience building.

The definition of a “dream team,” the Methodical trio first opened their doors back in 2015. With a line out the door, that stayed there until they closed up shop, they knew that their three pillars of success would drive their vision — and it has. Focusing on exception product, customer service, and experience, they have continued to solidify their place in the specialty coffee industry.

Their Stunning Downtown Cafe Ticks All the Boxes

As soon as you step foot into the Methodical Coffee cafe, you immediately get a sense of what this company is all about. From their staff to the cafe’s overall aesthetic design, they are a charming company — one that truly believes in what they’re doing.

What makes them unique, is that they not only serve up their own roasted coffee but are also committed to the specialty coffee community as a whole. Featuring a rotation of other roasters, including Onyx Coffee Lab, they are proud to be a part of the list they serve, as they continue to learn and push the boundaries.

With such a beautiful space, situated in the heart of downtown, they also offer their cafe to the public. With walnut surfaces and marble surfaces, a full glass front wall, and a unique mezzanine, whether someone is celebrating a corporate event or an anniversary, the community is welcome to rent the shop.

They have since expanded, opening a second location, known as Methodical in Landmark. Teaming up with an apparel brand, they have developed a retail-cafe space. Although unique in comparison to their flagship location, Suarez said, “Our vision is to be a business that genuinely enriches minds, tastes, and relationships.”

Methodical Coffee: A Cold Brew Trendsetter

In addition to their cafe, the team behind Methodical Coffee also own a roasting and cold-brew bottling facility. Cold brew has become one of their main areas of focus. After all, cold brew coffee is ideal for those living in the humid South Carolina weather.

This has become possible based on their partnership with Community Tap, a local craft beer and wine purveyor. Based on their undeniable commitment to grow, this three-man team, who is also supported by their dedicated staff, reached new heights when they were featured in an article on Vogue.com.

Featuring the Methodical Coffee Cold Brew Mojito, made with cold brew coffee, lime juice, simple syrup, soda water, and mint, they are taking their creativity to a whole new level.

Tip: Learn how cold brew is superior to iced coffee — and once you master the cold brew process, you can take your creations to-go.

Explore Methodical Coffee

Once you begin to brew quality coffee at home, you’ll begin to appreciate the truly complex nature of this beloved beverage. Whether you are drawn to taste notes of chocolate and brown sugar or citrus and berry, here are some of Methodical Coffee’s flagship products.

  • Blue Boy — Offering a simple, classic taste profile, this medium-roast coffee is perfect as espresso, and is also great in your drip coffee brewer. With taste notes of chocolate and graham cracker, you can’t go wrong.
  • Play Nice — The reason behind this blend’s name is simply because it “plays nice” with everyone’s taste. It stands up well to milk and offers taste notes of berries and dark chocolate.
  • Pink Lady — Light, yet complex, this blend is meant to dance on your palate, offering taste notes of citrus and dark chocolate.
  • Ethiopia Guji – Washed — This single-origin coffee comes from the Guji Region, offering taste notes of sweet lemon, black currant, and floral.
  • Guatemala, Las Palomas — Another single-origin coffee, this time coming from Guatemala, you will enjoy taste notes of milk chocolate and plum.

Methodical Coffee doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon, so be sure to look out for new developments in the specialty coffee market by following us on Instagram. As they continue to evolve as a brand and company, we will continue bringing you the best coffee around.

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