At Tala, good coffee is more than a complex and desirable flavor profile — it’s a way to connect with others.

When four friends saw a need for a more interactive, educational experience within the specialty coffee industry, Tala was born. Instead of fueling an exclusive community, the Tala team is all about inclusivity, outstanding service, and, of course, incredible coffee.

Since their initial launch, the rest became history — a history they continue to write (and invite you to take part in).

Complex, Yet Approachable Coffee Done the Tala Way

Based in Libertyville, Illinois, the four-member Tala team launched in the summer of 2017. What began as a wholesale operation has since evolved into a unique experience — one that welcomes everyone, regardless of their “specialty coffee” knowledge.

Their core goal is simple: Make high-quality coffee approachable, not alienating. Oh, and they also roast amazing coffee.

In fact, their name, “Tala” translates to “sweet and beautiful.” They achieve their unique and sweet flavor profiles based on their roasting methods and processes. They strive to bring out the sweetest flavors coffee have to offer, as they change the minds of everyday coffee drinkers near and far.

Movin’ On Up — The Transition From a Wholesale Warehouse to Their Highwood Cafe

What originally began in a warehouse, filling wholesale orders, has now evolved into a true coffee community. In August of 2018, Tala opened their first flagship cafe in Highwood, IL, which is approximately an hour northwest of Chicago.

Situated in a decommissioned fire station, the space itself could not have been more fitting in terms of Tala’s overall approach. Being a well-design, beautiful gathering space, Tala is now able to further support their overall mission — to educate more people about specialty coffee.

By investing in a warm, welcoming space, their cafe is anything but pretentious, even though the coffee itself is of the highest standard.

Offering a wide selection of coffees, sourced from various regions, all of their coffees have one thing in common — they’re lightly roasted, balanced, and sweet.

Ruca, for example, is their house blend. With taste notes of nougat, mulberry, and maple, how could you go wrong?

Looking for a quality coffee without the caffeine instead? Their Decaf Columbia offers up flavors of cocoa, raisin, and cinnamon. Once you try any of their signature coffees or blends, you won’t need to understand specialty coffee terminology — the quality and flavor will speak for itself.

Taking an Educational Approach

Instead of getting hung up on terms only those well-versed in specialty coffee would know, Tala invites all coffee drinkers to ask more questions, get involved, and most importantly, taste the difference.

By making artisan craft coffee more approachable, they’re supporting a movement, all while building an expanding community.

Although they welcome locals to visit their cafe so that they can chat, learn, and enjoy the complexity of their coffee, their community is open to anyone and everyone.

While you sip on your Tala coffee in the comfort of your home, you can brush up on your coffee knowledge by accessing their blog. I mean, who wouldn’t want to learn how to make Coffee Cocoa Frosting or a Cascara Maple Mojito?

In addition, if you’re unsure how to properly brew specialty coffee, Tala provides a number of Brew Guides. These guides are intended to support your journey, allowing you to get the most flavorful experience out of each unique coffee, roasted to perfection.

Sharing the level of skill and craftsmanship required to make good coffee, Tala Coffee Roasters have taken an inspiring approach. They aren’t hung up on any fancy dialog, and they’re certainly not in the coffee game to alienate those who do not yet understand.

They’re paving the way for all coffee drinkers, regardless of their background knowledge. Overall, Tala is a forward-thinking, innovative company who produce masterful coffee — and we’ll happily raise a mug to that.

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