Coffee. We all love it. The way it smells, the way it makes us feel. Of course, we love it, even more, when it comes from someplace exotic like Ethiopia, Brazil, Floyd, Virginia….wait, what? Floyd, Virginia? Right here in the U.S.? That’s right, some of the best coffee we’ve found might be grown elsewhere, but it’s roasted to perfection by Red Rooster Coffee Roasters in a sleepy little town with a population of 432.

How It All Began


In 2010, when the husband and wife team of Haden Polseno-Hensley and Rose McCutchan decided they needed freshly roasted beans for their coffee shop, The Black Water Loft, they did something about it. They started their own roasting company and called it Red Rooster Coffee Roasters. The business was such a success, that within two years they became a popular supplier along the Eastern Seaboard, including the unofficial coffee capital, Washington D.C.

Responsible. Ethical. Quality.

These are the values behind Red Rooster Coffee Roasters. While some companies only pay lip service to these terms, that’s not the case with Red Rooster. Let’s take a look at each one.


From Day One, the owners of Red Rooster wanted to be sure their coffee beans were responsibly sourced. That’s why all of their blends are Organic and Fair Trade certified, as are most of the Single Origin options. On the rare occasion that a coffee is not Fair Trade, they make sure it’s transparently farmed on estates that treat their employees well. They often buy directly from these farmers to ensure more money reaching the community.


Not only are their sourcing policies responsible, but they also have ethical business practices back home. They compost as much chaff as possible with local farmers and they recycle and reuse materials in their roasting house. All of their packaging is biodegradable and printed with water-based inks. And speaking of packaging, their designs are created by top artisans from around the world to give them a unique look. Each option has its own signature design with an Old-World playbill or poster look to it.
They also treat their community right by hiring local workers, paying them a fair wage and providing health insurance for them. They also support a variety of charities and fundraisers in the local area. Haden and Rose are firm believers in paying back into the community that supports them.


Red Rooster Coffee Roasters roasting javaya getjavaya

Their number one priority, however, that’s made them so popular is the quality of their roasted coffee beans. Let’s face it, all the Fair Trade and ethical practices won’t keep you in business, only a quality product at a fair price can do that. And that’s just what they deliver. They don’t accept just any green coffee to roast. They carefully inspect and test beans before purchasing and then again once they arrive in-house. They know it’s the only way to determine the proper roasting method and specifications for each bean.

So What Do They Offer?

Their offerings are not limited to just a few, and at Javaya, we have many of them available for subscription.

Single Origins

Different regions of the world produce coffee with very different flavors. At Red Rooster they know this and roast each one to bring out its uniqueness. For example, if you like Columbian coffee, you have several options. Each one comes with its own story about the farmers and their land. You can also choose from other exotic locales like Sumatra, The Congo, and Ethiopia.


When looking for a blended coffee, try a local Floyd favorite, the Funky Chicken. While it doesn’t actually cure anything according to the medical community, the motto “For Medicinal Use Only” comes from the locals who believe it has healed many issues. Who are we to argue?
Their Floyd Farmhouse Breakfast Blend combines beans from Africa and the Americas to create a taste that’s a joy to wake up to. The exact blend changes with the seasons to take advantage of different growing times, so expect a slightly different flavor depending on when you buy it. Of course, the packaging changes along with it.

Roast Levels

Red Rooster Coffee Roasters colombia coffee javaya getjavayaThey feature a variety of coffees for every taste level. From rich dark espressos to wonderful light roasts, there’s something to please every palate. Some of their blends are also available in a decaf option, for those looking to partake in the evening or that have a caffeine sensitivity.


These come from select farmers that put an extra effort into a part of their farm to produce a refined and special coffee. These are often limited in quantity each year, so be sure to get your favorite when in season.
If you ever find yourself in Floyd, Virginia, stop by the Red Rooster Cafe for a fresh cup of coffee, one of their specialty drinks, a tasty meal and some fantastic coffee swag available in their gift shop. Also, check out their line of extracts and syrups as well as their offerings of teas.For those of you who can’t make it to this hip small town, have no fear. Here at Javaya, you can sample a variety of specialty roast beans from Red Rooster Coffee Roasters. These include organic, Fair Trade, single origins and blends from all around the world. Get a small sample to find a new favorite or stock up on the ones you love and have them delivered fresh right to your door.

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