There are coffee companies – and then there are coffee companies that devote themselves to creating of excellent coffee and promoting enthusiasm for and education about coffee culture. One of the best coffee companies in the Chicago area that not only roasts outstanding coffee but also runs a host of other activities is Metropolis Coffee Company.

Metropolis Coffee Company certainly sources, roasts and brews excellent drinks. However, it also does many more things that make it a favorite of coffee lovers. If you want to learn more about why Metropolis Coffee Company is so awesome, check out the list below. These 5 things make the company unique in the Chicago area.

metropolis coffee company tasting public cupping javaya getjavayaThey Offer Roasters Tours and Public Tastings

Do you feel mystified by the way that coffee is made to taste so delicious? Well, Metropolis helps pull back the curtain and show you the process by offering free tours and tastings at their roasterie. Every first and third Friday at 1 p.m., guests can come to the roasterie and experience an educational tour curated and lead by the company’s head roaster. Then, they can taste the different coffees available. By giving people free tours and tastings, Metropolis helps promote coffee education and adds to the landscape of free, fun activities to experience in Chicago. You can attend a tour by making a reservation in advance.

They’ve Created Free Barista Learning Resources

Metropolis doesn’t just offer educational opportunities to the public. It also provides training and educational resources to baristas via online learning guides. Metropolis has created and shared a guide to Professional Techniques in Coffee and Tea, which is intended to be used by professionals who are working with equipment in a cafe environment. The entire guide can be accessed online or downloaded as a PDF so you can print it and distribute it to a staff or a team.

Making the perfect cup of coffee at home isn’t impossible. You just need a little guidance from professionals who have studied and practiced the art for years. Even if you think you’re an expert, you’ll learn a few tricks.

They Like to Help People Brew Better Coffee at Home

Metropolis isn’t going to sell you beans and then send you on your way. They’re so dedicated to ensuring that everyone has an excellent coffee drinking experience that they’ve also created a guide to home brewing.

The guide includes instructions for home brewers looking to make excellent coffee in their own kitchens. The instructions are broken down by the type of coffee machine you might have, including an AeroPress, Clever Dripper, Chemex and more. (They even have helpful instructions for those who love cold brew!)

The guide also includes general tips for brewing the best coffee at home and taking care of your coffee brewing equipment, so you use it as a general resource making your regular coffee experience as good as it can possibly be.

They’ve Created Partnerships with Local Businesses and Organizations

The folks at Metropolis are passionate about Chicago, the city where the company was founded. In order to help the city thrive, Metropolis has dedicated itself to creating partnerships with other local businesses and organizations throughout the community.

Some of the undertakings they’ve devoted time and energy to include:

  • Aspire CoffeeWorks, a social partnership between Aspire and Metropolis, where kids and adults with disabilities work alongside coffee professionals to learn the craft of roasting and serving coffee.
  • Cafe For Real, an organization that has dedicated itself to providing food, clothing and counseling services in the city’s Edgewater community.
  • Safe Haven, a non-profit that helps people transitioning from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

They are Dedicated to Promoting Local Artists

Metropolis also does its fair share to help promote local artists and creators within the community. At its cafe, the company regularly showcases a full gallery’s worth of one artist’s work. The works are purchasable, with 100% of the profits going to the artist, which means it’s a great opportunity for local artists to build exposure, make some money from their art and cement themselves as a creative figure in the local community. Metropolis regularly updates its website so you can see who is being featured in the cafe, and you can also get sneak peaks at the work available.

If you’re a coffee lover in the Chicago area, there’s a good chance you already know Metropolis Coffee Company. Not only does Metropolis serve an unrivaled cup of Joe, it dedicates time, energy and resources to educating the public about how coffee is grown and made, helping to spread an appreciation for coffee throughout the area.

If you want to enjoy freshly roasted coffee from Metropolis Coffee Company, you don’t have to travel to Chicago. Instead, sign up for Javaya. You can have Metropolis fresh roast and send a small batch of coffee beans to you, so you can see what all the hype is about no matter where you live. Visit the site today to learn more about what Metropolis Coffee Company has to offer and how you can sign up.

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