Father’s Day is right around the corner (on Sunday, June 17th!), and it’s a great opportunity to show all of the father figures in your life just how much you love and care about them. If you want to show your (or a) dad just how much he means to you, one of the best things to do is give him a thoughtful gift.

For a dad who’s a coffee lover, it can be a good idea to give him a coffee-related present. Coffee gifts can be used to improve a dad’s day over and over again, and often, gifts can be shared and enjoyed with all the people that they love.

If you need an idea for a great gift that will help show your dad just how much you love and care, here are 5 great options

cold brew to-go infusion tumbler planetary design

Cold Brew To-Go Tumbler

$27.99 | Get it here

Maybe your dad works hard and is always on the go. Help him power his mornings with the Cold Brew To-Go Tumbler. He can simply put some coffee grounds in the brew chamber of the tumbler every night, then fill it with water. The next morning, he’ll have delicious, strong cold brew to go, and he can get the proper fuel he needs while he’s on the way to handle whatever the day has in store.

boneshaker bourbon hexe coffee co javaya getjavaya

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

$19.75 & Free Shipping | Get it here

What dad doesn’t love whiskey? Try getting him the Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, which is aged in actual barrels where whiskey was distilled. This coffee tastes equally as good in a morning or afternoon cup as it does mixed with some booze in the evening (or during a supercharged, super-fun weekend brunch!)

kyoto style cold brew on javaya getjavaya

Kyoto Black Cold Brew Concentrate

$39.99 & Free Shipping | Get it here

Some dads don’t want anything light or frilly. They want something strong that packs a punch. If that describes your dad to a T, get him the Kyoto Black Cold Brew Concentrate. This cold brew concentrate contains over 12 servings of cold brew coffee per pouch, and it tastes just as great served black as it does with milk–or booze!

javaya getjavaya gift card

Javaya™ Digital Gift Card

Starting at $20 | Get it here

Are you running behind on your gift shopping, and you’re not sure how you’re going to get your hands on something good in time? Then choose a Javaya Digital Gift Card, which you can buy and then print at home. Don’t stress about running to the store and wrapping something perfectly. Get him something valuable that you can easily access without leaving your computer or smartphone.

fritz and chewy socks javaya getjavaya

Fritz and Chewy

Many your dad isn’t a coffee lover. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a great gift idea that will help make your dad feel celebrated. If your dad doesn’t drink a cup of joe every morning, you can still help him look sharp –whether he’s at work, on the golf course, or just lounging at home. Try getting him a stylish pair of socks from Fritz and Chewy. This standout clothing company gives a portion of each sale of socks to an organization that helps rescue dogs and cats in need of homes–so when you buy a gift, you can help out your beloved dad, and also help out a furry friend at the same time.

If your dad is a coffee lover, Javaya has a huge selection of gifts that you can choose from for Father’s Day. Select one of the surefire options above, or browse our site to see other ideas. When you get your dad something coffee-related or well-thought through, that shows him how much you care, you’ll not only be showing him love and affection, but also be getting him a great treat that he can enjoy in the days to come!

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