5 Great Coffee Fads Over the Last 20 Years

Coffee is a drink loved by many! Whether you have brewed your own cold brew or just sip on it occasionally as a treat, you may have heard of some of the most popular coffee fads and myths. These myths often continue to be believed over the years and it changes how individuals choose to consume coffee.

Most of these fads have no solid research to back up their benefit claims. Keep reading to understand more about the great coffee fads over the last 20 years and learn the truth behind some of these myths, so that you can better choose what coffee to consume. Choosing a great coffee doesn’t have to be complex, so don’t overthink it.

1. The Bulletproof Coffee Craze

A few years ago, Dave Asprey created Bulletproof Coffee while developing his own high-fat Bulletproof Diet. His coffee creation mixed coffee beans, grass-fed organic butter, and coconut milk. He claims that by drinking Bulletproof Coffee, in addition to making other lifestyle changes, can help aid in weight loss and can even make you smarter. These claims helped him sell a lot of coffee over the years.

While Bulletproof Coffee might be delicious and may boost your energy with a caffeine buzz, there is no scientific evidence to back up Asprey’s claims. In addition, consuming large amounts of saturated fats is not healthy. Think again before purchasing Bulletproof Coffee and look at other alternatives.

2. The Claim That Some Coffee Is Toxic

Some companies want you to think that coffee can be toxic. They do this to sell their own “clean” coffee brands. Coffee can and does contain mycotoxins, but drinking normal amounts of coffee will not harm you and coffee should not be avoided for this one reason.

When organisms grow into edible crops like coffee plants, mycotoxins are produced. If you consume way too many mycotoxins, it can cause health issues and can even be poisonous in large enough amounts. While tiny amounts of mycotoxins can be found in coffee, the amount is highly regulated. That means you don’t need to go out of your way to buy “clean coffee.” Instead, purchase regular specialty coffee and enjoy it the way you like it.

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3. Organic Coffee Is the Way to Go

Another popular fad highlights the need for organic coffee. This is due to organic coffee crops being free of pesticides. However, the coffee beans you consume in your daily cup has first been roasted at temperatures approaching 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The truth is regular non-organic coffee likely only contains tiny traces of pesticides by the time it goes through the full roasting process. While you can choose to spend your money on organic coffee, it may be wiser to buy organic fruits and vegetables, instead. This allows you to explore a wide-range of non-organic coffee, that tastes great and is still good for you.

Here’s one more reason to purchase non-organic specialty coffee: it’s more ethical. Sound confusing? Allow us to explain. The entire world’s coffee supply is susceptible to a pathogen called rust which kills coffee plants. Small-farm coffee growers’ livelihoods depend on sustaining their coffee crop, and the only way to prevent Rust is to use trace amounts of pesticides. Contrastingly, organic coffees tend to be grown by larger commercial growers that can afford to trash crops that become affected by Rust. So by purchasing an organic coffee over a non-organic specialty coffee, you might be supporting a big business instead of a small, family-owned one.

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4. Cold Brew Is a Better Choice for You

Another popular trend (especially in the summer) is cold brew coffee. It seems everywhere you go, coffee shops and stores are advertising their own cold brew. How does cold brew work? To make cold brew coffee, the beans are soaked in cold water for long periods of time. Many companies point out the quality difference as well as a mix of health benefits to consuming cold brew. While cold brew can be delicious and can also offer a lower acidity drink for those who have stomach issues, there is no solid proof that cold brew is healthier than other coffee brewing options. Cold brew does offer some other upsides, like being higher in caffeine. So go ahead and enjoy a cold brew, but don’t expect it to do magic for your health.

5. The Claim That Dark Coffee Has More Buzz

Many people assume that darker coffees have more caffeine. But just because you choose a darker roast, doesn’t mean you’re getting more of a buzz with your cup of joe! In most cases, a light roast coffee will have more caffeine than a dark roast. Instead of choosing your roast style based on caffeine level, think about your own flavor preferences. There are many great types of specialty coffee out there to choose from, so it’s a great idea to experiment until you find the right flavor and style for you.

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