A top 3 coffee city in the U.S., Chicago has been churning out some of the best roasters in the US in the past few years. Not only are these roasters transforming beans into some of the best coffee that will pass your lips, but they’re doing it with their own unique twists.

Lexie Barnhorn

In addition to having Passion House’s coffee delivered to your doorstep, you can also enjoy their delicious beans in their cafe in Logan Square (Chicago)


Big Shoulders Coffee

Big Shoulders offers both daily and limited-time special feature coffee blends that are meticulously selected. We at Javaya are thrilled to have exclusive rights to Big Shoulders Coffee’s online selection. In fact, Javaya’s website is the only place you can buy Big Shoulders–unless you head to Chicago to visit their coffee shop.

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Four Letter Word

Four Letter Word was a project brought forth by childhood friendship, a love for good coffee, good design and good people. Originally founded on the island of Burgaz, Turkey in 2013, Four Letter Word has since opened up a second location in the founders’ hometown of Chicago. You can taste the friendship in every cup.

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Ipsento Coffee’s newest cafe in right next to the 606 in Bucktown (Chicago) is a tribute to the art of coffee

Ipsento Coffee

The name Ipsento is a portmanteau that combines the Latin words ipse and sentio (or self and discover). This is exactly what Ipsento wants their coffee to help you do: discover yourself. They source directly from the farmers and roast on Diedrich roasters.

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Metropolis Coffee Company

Coffee–like art–has an aesthetic. Metropolis believes that part of that aesthetic is a respect for the land where the coffee is grown. This is why Metropolis pays their farmers fair prices. More respect for growers and customers equals great coffee.

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Abacus Coffee Roasters

Started in the summer of 2015, Abacus has become a labor of love for founder Brian Frain. Sourcing, roasting, serving and drinking coffee have been passions of Brian’s since he got into the business in 1996. Since, he’s had his hand in nearly every facet of the industry.

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Bridgeport Coffee Company

Bridgeport Coffee Company ethically sources beans and only sources beans with superb flavor profiles. The flagship location was even featured in TimeOut Chicago as the number one coffee house in the city.

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Conscious Cup Coffee Roasters

Conscious Cup Coffee Roasters’ goals are just what you’d expect from their name: create great coffee, make connections with farmers committed to quality and sustainability and source only unique and single-origin coffees.

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Five & Hoek Coffee Co.

This roaster is all about taking the time to slow down and enjoy the important things in life. Spoiler alert: coffee is one of those things. They were founded in 2008 after a memorable trip to Assam, India, when they spent the majority of their trip enjoying the company of each other over tea and biscuits.

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Hexe Coffee Co.

Hexe considers itself the black sheep of Chicago. You won’t find a café or “baristas” here. You’ll only find barrel-aged coffees served up by a few hard-core coffee aficionados. Javaya sells both aged and non-aged blends.

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Tala Coffee Roasters

Tala’s mission is to bring specialty coffee to people in a way that is approachable. They strive to roast a coffee that is welcoming to everyone–because that’s what good coffee should be: a drink everyone can enjoy.

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You don’t need to take our word for it. You can enjoy coffee from these roasters without even stepping foot in the Windy City by shopping them on Javaya.

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