The Yemeni people have it rough, to say the least. Civil war has led to economic strife, severe famine, water shortages, and deadly disease outbreaks. 20 million people are in need of humanitarian aid, according to UN officials.

Yet, while that’s the lead story in Yemen, there are also stories of hope, of survival, of people with enormous hearts and generous spirits. And damn good coffee. Yemen is the birthplace of coffee cultivation and its indigenous plants have produced some of the most exquisite and sought after coffees in the world.

The Mokha Foundation‘s mission is to use coffee as a vehicle to improve quality of life and move the people of Yemen from humanitarian aid to economic empowerment. Their initiatives include interest free loans, solving the water problem, disrupting the refugee crisis, and replacing drug farms with coffee farms.

Coffee brings pleasure to billions everyday. The Mokha Foundation is using it to bring hope, dignity, and lasting economic transformation to the people who brought coffee to us.

Javaya and Metropolis Coffee Company are partnering on this limited-release coffee. Metropolis is donating all proceeds to The Mokha Foundation.

Get this LIMITED RELEASE coffee now. Only 10 bags of Yemen Al-Durrar are available:


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