How To Brew Coffee At Home Using a Moka Pot

1933 Italian patent for the Bialetti Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is an iconic brewing device that can be found in nine out of ten kitchens throughout Italy and in homes all over the world. The device itself is a stovetop espresso maker, and it’s name comes from the city of Mocha in Yemen.

The Moka Pot was patented by inventor Alfonso Bialetti in Italy in 1933 and it produces a strong taste and syrupy mouthfeel by passing boiling water pressurized by steam through ground coffee. If you are a home brewer that likes espresso but you don’t have the coin to drop on a fancy machine, then this might be the brew method for you!

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What’s The Difference Between Light Roast Coffee and Dark Roast Coffee?

If you’re like most adults, you enjoy drinking coffee every day, whether it’s one cup or a whole pot. But how much do you really know about coffee? More specifically, what’s the difference between dark roast and light roast? Is light roast coffee stronger than dark, or is it the other way around? And is light or dark roast coffee more acidic? These are some of the most common questions about coffee, and it turns out not many people know the answers, because there are lots of myths surrounding coffee beans. So it’s time to get some answers to these questions before you choose the best roast for you. Here’s what you should know about the main differences between dark roast and light roast.

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What Is Barrel-Aged Coffee, And How Is It Made?

Ah, the warm, sweet, oaky smell of bourbon whiskey. If you’re a lover of craft/specialty coffees, chances are good that you also appreciate craft beer and/or craft spirits. That’s certainly the case for me, which is why as a specialty coffee roaster I’ve been an avid collaborator with craft brewers and distillers in my business. The most popular product of mine from these collaborations is what I call The Stumbling Monkey, a bourbon+beer barrel-aged Colombian coffee that I produce twice a year in the spring and fall.

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Yemen Gave Us Coffee. It’s Time We Gave Them Something Back.

The Yemeni people have it rough, to say the least. Civil war has led to economic strife, severe famine, water shortages, and deadly disease outbreaks. 20 million people are in need of humanitarian aid, according to UN officials.

Yet, while that’s the lead story in Yemen, there are also stories of hope, of survival, of people with enormous hearts and generous spirits. And damn good coffee. Yemen is the birthplace of coffee cultivation and its indigenous plants have produced some of the most exquisite and sought after coffees in the world.

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